PACKARD PIQUETTE – Black Currant Cyser Piquette

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6.9% – Black Currant Cyser Piquette – Hard Cider made with black currant pomace from mead

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We took the black currant pomace from a mead and then added the black currants to a cider and let it do its fermenting magic. You get strong notes of black currant, soft honey, and cider that make a beautiful ladder of flavors. The Packard plant has always been a magical building in Detroit, within the building you have a history of graffiti, cars, and natures regrowth. Just like this cyser you have old and new ways of art being made with the help of nature to bring this one of a kind cyser to the world. Background art by Jordan “Tead” Vaugn courtesy of his family and the Tead One Memorial Fund. Please check out their facebook page and support if you can in his memory.

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